Processor of the Year 2017: Pinnacle Foods

Pinnacle Foods’ story reads like the shows on home improvement channels. Metaphorically, the company began as HGTV’s “Fixer-Upper” and “House Hunters,” then segued into “Income Property.” With recent independence and a new strategy going forward, it’s switching channels to DIY’s “This New House,” maybe even “Dream House.”

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Move Over Coffee Cake, there’s a Coffee Snack Bar in Town

Founded by a couple of coffee-deprived college students at Northeastern University in Boston, New Grounds Food is rolling out Eat Your CoffeeBar, a new concept in caffeine-focused natural foods. The caffeinated energy bars are infused with a full cup of real coffee (with no synthetic caffeine). Every bar is made with whole ingredients and is organic, vegan and gluten free.

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Shopping Has Changed; So Must Shopper Insights and Marketing

Shoppers’ worlds have become broader and more diverse, yet shopper insights and shopper marketing are too narrow to capture that varied ecosystem, according to Wendy Liebmann, CEO, WSL Strategic Retail.  “We have to understand the broader context of how and where people are shopping,” she says.  “That notion of thinking in a very singular or focused way- our channel, our category- is just way too narrow.”

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PepsiCo tests heated beverages in Boston

Here’s a hot story: PepsiCo recently completed a test of warmed soft drinks and teas at approximately a dozen CVS locations in the Boston area. Packaged in 7.5 oz. cans, the beverages were displayed in a countertop warming cabinet heated to 122°F. PepsiCo wrapped the test about two weeks ago and is currently reviewing sales data, according to company spokesperson Gina Anderson.

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SmartLabel Initiative gives consumers access to ingredient information on products

A SmartLabel technology initiative by leading food, beverage and consumer products companies will enable consumers to have easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about thousands of products, with more than 30 major companies already committed to taking part in the transparency initiative. This transformative new program, created by manufacturers and retailers, enables consumers to get additional details about products by scanning a bar code or doing an online search to reach a landing page with information on ingredients and other attributes of a wide range of food, beverage, pet care, household and personal care products.

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